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KL-PJ Wedding Fair 2010 set for RM38mil sales

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21st KLPJ Wedding Fair 2019 (April 2019)
– with 9th Pameran Pengantin KahwinJe –
Date : 19, 20 & 21 April 2019 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
Time : 11am to 9pm (Free Admission)
Venue : Hall 1, 2 & 3, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur
No of booths : 300 booths
Expected Visitors : 55,000 visitors
Organiser : KLPJ Events Sdn Bhd
Contact : Alvin Ong 012-2837386
Website :
Facebook :
Instagram :

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MID VALLEY :  Exhibitors at the three-day 2nd KL-PJ Wedding Fair 2010 from 17-19 Sept 2010, are pleased that they chalked up potential sales worth RM38mil including on-the-spot signing of packages worth RM2.5mil.

“This is a good result considering the rest of the hall in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre has no other events, which make all the turnouts to be very prospective” Touch Group’s CEO Kelvin Chin said.

He added that most of the people in Klang Valley has gone back to their hometown to celebrate early Mid-Autumn Festival with their families, but was surprised with the attendance of so many prospective couples.

“There is not much traffic in Klang Valley or Mid Valley. I don’t see as much crowd as it is in Mid Valley Megamall, but the visitors to 2nd KL-PJ Wedding Fair at Hall 3, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre really surprised me” he said.

Tom’s Group’s President Tom Tieh said that the presence of exhibitors from local bridal house, namely from Jalan Ipoh, Loke Yew, Sunway & SS2, made the visitors (couples) feel safe and confident with their services.

The organiser explained it as KL-PJ Wedding Fair has become a brand in Malaysia’s wedding industry, with 50 listings on the first 5 pages in google search engine, as at last week (16 Sept 2010).

“Couples are looking at wedding packages with reputable companies. They expect very good services. They want their journey of love to be part of their dream wedding. And most importantly they are searching for bridal house from Jalan Ipoh, Loke Yew, Sunway & SS2. And we want them to feel secure. That’s why they came to 2nd KL-PJ Wedding Fair,” said the organiser, Alvin Ong.

We incorporate Malaysia’s Top 25 Bridal Services in every edition for our wedding fair. We brand it as 2010 Most Anticipated Bridal Fair,” he added.

“Most of the auspicious date in Chinese calendar for next year 2011 were fully booked, until we have to accommodate their banquet bookings at our Xin Cuisine Restaurant,” said Concorde Hotel KL’s F&B Manager Mr Lee.

“This is the best Wedding Fair event I have participated in this year,” said Precious Manager East Chin, Bridal Concept’s Manager Andrew, Just Married’s Owner Joe, Stareast’s Director Stanley, Keep Gallery’s Director Yuen Loong and Monliza’s Director Irene.

“I thought 17, 18 and 19 September 2010 are all auspicious date to get married. I expected most of the couples will be busy attending wedding dinner. Never thought the turnout is so great,” said GTC’s manager Mr Delon.

All the exhibitors were happy to have taken part in the wedding fair and commented that the organiser really have pumped-in budget and effort on the advertisement to make it such a success, eventhough this was the nineth wedding fair in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre this year.

The sales are great. I notice all exhibitors consultation tables are fully attended and occupied by visitors all the 3-days. Normally on Friday, we don’t expect much crowd, but I have to call more staff to come after noon on Friday. Though some booths are far from the entrance, the sales are very propotion. The huge turnouts make the visitors to be seen at every corner. I’m sure most of us are able to close quite a good deal this time,” Red Bliss’s Director Steven Lee said.

The organiser were happy that 90% of the booths have been sold out in 1 hour for the next upcoming 3rd KL-PJ Wedding Fair 2011.

3rd KL-PJ Wedding Fair 2011 will be held in May next year from 20 – 22, Hall 1, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. For booth enquiry, please contact Alvin Ong at 012-2837386 (First come first serve).

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Re : The above sales figure were collected during customers’ spin & win redemption.




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